Massive Discounts for the next 7 days!

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For the next few days you can decide what discount you prefer. We are running a tiered discount system where you are rewarded for placing bigger orders with us. So if your order is over £10 you can use the 15% discount code SUMMER15 (giving you at least £2.50 off) if you order over £25 you can get 25% off with code SUMMER25 (saving you at least £6.25) or you can really get more for your buck by ordering over £50 and we will give you a MASSIVE 40% off with code SUMMER40 saving you £20! 

The discounts will slowly start to disappear so be quick! Starting with the 40% off code, this will be gone forever as of Monday 4th July 11pm GMT time, 25% off code will end on Wednesday 6th July 11pm GMT timeand the final 15% discoount will be gone Friday 8th July 11pm GMT time.

What are you waiting for?! We have so many new beautiful items for you to rock and style your way. Go check em out!

*This is open worldwide and our site will change the currency for you but will be based on £ sterling.

xo BlackMoonShop

New YouTube channel

Hey guys!So I launched my YouTube channel a few weeks back and now I'm on video number 3. I want to be able to show you more about black moon my products and tell you more about me so I will be filming various topics from behind the scene at BlackMoon towers, monthly favourites and [...]

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Labradorite Love

Hello everyone,  Well I've started this blog post about 10000 x well here it goes... A little bit different to what I have done (or shall I say not done) in the past. This year I've promised myself to try blogging don't get me wrong getting in front of a camera posing in an outfit I wear [...]

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Black Moon discounts

Hey guys,  So I wanted to make a entry about our discounts etc and what offers we have. We work with a lot of bloggers and normally give them each a discount for their followers so keep an eye out for those we work with. Also if you follow us on instagram we have a constant 10% [...]

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Jewellery care tips

How to get the most out of your jewelleryThe best way to prolong the life of your BlackMoon jewellery is by following the below simple tips. Please feel free to comment some of your tips and tricks below.Non sterling silver jewellery and water do not mix well together. So avoid washing your hands or showering [...]

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The Launch of our new website

Hey guys! Welcome to the new BlackMoonShop website, we hope you love it as much as we do. We wanted to be able to reward you guys so we have now set up a Black Moon treats system which allows you to earn points as you spend. You can then redeem these points to get great [...]

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Welcome to the Black Moon Blog

Hey there!Thanks for stopping by. I’m Traci the owner of BlackMoonShop and I wanted to start this blog about my brand BlackMoon and my life. I love boho grunge fashion, beauty and basically trying to live life the way I want. I had been contemplating with the idea of writing my own personal blog but, [...]

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