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Hello everyone, 

Well I've started this blog post about 10000 x well here it goes...

A little bit different to what I have done (or shall I say not done) in the past. This year I've promised myself to try blogging don't get me wrong getting in front of a camera posing in an outfit I wear regularly kinda scared me but Miss Megan, beaut blogger from wonderful you, helped me and has been such an inspiration for me over the little time we have got to know each other. You can check out her beautiful blog here: Wonderful You Blog

I wanted to give BlackMoon more personality and give you some inspiration on how to style with BlackMoon. I don't class myself as a fashionista in the slightest but I hope its helps some of you :)

One of my favourite stones is Labradorite, not only is it a beautiful colour and can vary from dark green to dark greys, and if caught in the right light, flashes of blue, it is said to bring the best out in people and heighten the senses. In a work environment it helps with concentration and attention in order to immerse yourself into your job.  

Here is an every day outfit mixing topshop, depop buys and of course BlackMoon


Jacket: Ebay (i got this from Ebay in 2014! so here is an alternative as I cant seem to find this exact one)

Top: Topshop Stripe Crop

Skirt: Topshop Biker Skirt

Boots: Depop buy

NecklaceBlackMoon Labradorite Pendulum

Rings: Lotus FlowerLabradorite Amuletmoon midiBone stackerBlack OnyxSkull Head

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